Engage with Gravy, then Engage With Grace

I have blogged before about the importance of sharing your end-of-life wishes with someone you trust.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to have that conversation as you gather with family.  The fine folks at Engage with Grace have put together a slide of 5 questions that will make this process easier.

If you have the gizzards to bring up these questions at the Thanksgiving dinner table, you deserve the Myles Standish Award for Bravery.  Even so, I find that once the ice is broken, these conversations can be quite cathartic, and you and your family will feel like you accomplished something important at Thanksgiving besides overloading on poultry and dozing off into a tryptophan-induced haze.  So, after you engage with gravy, Engage with Grace this holiday.  You can thank me later.

...would love to hear your comments on how it goes...