Dr. Fisher Releases His New Book!


Doctor Fisher wants you to keep your mom (and yourself) out of a nursing home, in his new book of the same name.  Based on his experience, Dr. Fisher shares the top seven reasons he has to admit hundreds of patients into nursing homes every year.

This book will keep you and your loved ones from the same fate.  Don't waste time with "anti-aging" promises that don't work.  In only minutes per day, let Dr. Fisher give you the proven strategies that will help preserve your independence.

Read Chapter One Now!

We want you to try before you buy.   CLICK HERE to download Chapter One titled "You Need to Plan" of Doctor Fisher's new book.    This first chapter talks about why nursing home exists, why aging isn't the enemy, and some keys to keeping your independence.

To purchase Dr. Fisher's Book How to Keep Mom (and Yourself) Out of a Nursing Home, click HERE to buy it for only $14.95.

We hope you enjoy!  If you have any questions for Doctor Fisher, feel free to contact him by clicking HERE.