Blog Posts Deserve End-of-Life Choices

aplaceI came across a frightening blog post by A Place for Mom, praising the easy access their senior living sites grant to Compassion and Choices, the nation's most vocal assisted suicide advocacy group.  The article boasted about the "choices" available to seniors who live in their facilities, and the author was especially proud that A Place For Mom would ensure that the families of these seniors were informed of Mom and Dad's right to kill themselves. (The article was written in Washington State, where assisted suicide is legal).  We were first made aware of the post by Wesley J. Smith whose outstanding blog Human Exceptionalism at National Review offers consistently coherent arguments for life and dignity.  He brought our attention to the blog post here and here.

I made the following comment at the post today:

"I am a geriatrician and I think end-of-life planning is very important. I am appalled that A Place for Mom promotes an assisted suicide advocacy group in this article, without presenting the other side of the issue. You are certainly not "neutral" as you claim, and I will never refer my family or any of my patients to A Place for Mom after reading this."

2 hours later, the blog entry was gone.  I'd like to take credit, or give credit to Wesley, or dozens of irate callers, or National Right to Life who also exposed the agenda.  However, it's more likely that the blog entry made its own "choice" to request "aid in dying" from its author at A Place for Mom.  After all, every blog entry has a right to know about this option.  It's cruel to force these blogs to go on living, when their anemic existence is only taking up space on the internet.  Whatever this blog's reason for choosing death, it must have been a good one.  Perhaps it felt that it had become a burden to its fellow blog posts, as it was creating negative press for A Place for Mom.  Maybe it had no sense of purpose, depressed about its pathetic number of visits.  Or maybe it knew that its existence was costing too much bandwidth, and it recognized that the most compassionate choice it could make would be to just go away.  Yes, compassion won in the end.  How wonderful that the blog entry was presented with all of its end-of-life options.  I'm certain that, in its already frail and threatened state, when authoritative end-of-life experts gave the option to commit suicide, it never would have interpreted that as a subtle suggestion.  Never.




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