I predicted the MA cuts- 5 years ago

In 2009 I wrote an article about President Obama's intention to slash payments to Medicare Advantage plans.  Turns out I was right, as reported last week.  It is a controversial move, as reported by Jim Angle at Fox News on Friday.  For seniors enrolled in these plans, the move will make it much less likely they will be able to "keep their plan."

Now, it appears that more cuts are on the horizon that will affect seniors.  Home health services are slated for a 14% cut over the next four years under the new law, and as a doctor who makes house calls, I'm concerned that the essential members of my team, the home health workers I depend upon, will be less available to my patients.  When I initiate a plan of care for a homebound patient, I rely on nurses, physical therapists, and others to carry out that plan in the home.  At Doctors Making Housecalls, we strive to help our patients remain out of the ERs and hospitals, unless absolutely necessary.  This is better for patients, and it saves money (imagine that!).  We can't do it alone, and cuts to home health services will make it even harder for us to provide quality home medical care as home care physicians.

Tonight on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier we will hear more about these looming cuts, and their impact on frail, homebound seniors and their caregivers.  Tune in at 6pm ET and check back here for video.




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